How to Connect Your Android Device to a Mac - dummies

How to Connect Your Android Device to a Mac

By Dan Gookin

You need special software to deal with the Android-to-Macintosh connection. That’s because the Mac doesn’t natively recognize Android devices. Weird, huh? It’s like Apple wants you to buy some other type of mobile gizmo.

To help deal with the USB connection on a Mac, obtain the Android File Transfer program. On your Mac, download that program from this website.

Install the software. Run it. From that point on, whenever you connect your Android to the Mac, you see a special window appear, similar to the one shown here. It lists the device’s folders and files. Use that window for file management.

The Android File Transfer program.

If the phone or tablet has a microSD card inserted, you see two buttons on the Android File Transfer program window: Tablet (or Phone) and Card, as shown. Click one or the other to see files and folders in that storage location.