Choosing a Hangouts Emoji on Your Android Tablet

By Dan Gookin

The Android tablet’s onscreen keyboard’s chameleon-like nature reveals itself in an interesting and fun way when you text-chat with your friends in the Hangouts app. If you’re too busy typing, you may not notice the wee li’l smiley face icon lurking in the lower right corner of the onscreen keyboard. Tap that icon to reveal several pages of graphical goobers you can stick into the text.

The figure illustrates perhaps the cutest assortment of characters ever. Tap one of the tabs atop the keyboard area to view other interesting graphical goobers you can stick into a text conversation. It’s quite the rage to add these teensy toons to your texts.


By the way, the term for these characters is emoji. It’s a Japanese word meaning “picture character.” Other applicable words include smileys and emoticon.