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Android Tablets: How to Create Customized Contact Groups

A sample group exists in every Android tablet’s address book; it’s the Favorites group, which is where you can place frequent or popular contacts. When that group grows too large, consider creating customized groups in your Android tablet’s address book app.

The purpose of these customized groups is to make contacting everyone in the group easier, or to make corralling a group of similar contacts — work, friends, social groups — easier. For example, a Family group would make it easier to locate relatives and their contact information.

Generally speaking, here’s how it works:

  1. Open the tablet’s address book app.

    The stock Android name for the address book app is People, although on many tablets, you use the name Contacts.

  2. View contact groups.

    In some address book apps, you touch the Groups tab. This tab may be titled Groups or may use the Groups icon. In other address book apps, choose Groups from the Action Bar (menu).

    The Groups tab lists any existing groups, such as those associated with your Gmail account.

  3. Add a new group.

    If you see the New Group or Add icon, touch it. Otherwise, touch the Action Overflow or Menu icon and choose the Create command.

  4. Choose an account for the group.

    It’s recommended that you choose your Google account. If you primarily use another account listed on the screen, choose it instead.

    On some tablets, you may have to select an account before you create the group. To do so, choose the account name found at the bottom of the group list. Otherwise, a Group action bar appears on the screen, from which you can choose one of your accounts.

  5. Type the group’s name.

    Think up something short and descriptive, such as People to Avoid.

  6. Add people to the group.

    At this point, the methods change, depending on how the tablet implements the address book app. You either type the names of contacts to add to the group or select them from a list. Either way, populate the group with contacts whom you want to treat as a group.

  7. Touch the Done or Save button when you’ve finished creating the group.

Contacts can be added or removed from groups at any time. First choose the group in the address book app, and then touch the Edit icon or choose the Edit command from the Action Overflow menu.

To delete a group, touch the Delete icon when viewing the group or choose the Delete command from the Action Overflow menu. Touch the OK button to remove the group. Removing a group doesn’t remove its individual members from the tablet’s address book.

On some tablets, a group is deleted by long-pressing its name. Choose the Delete command from the menu that pops up.

When working with contacts, remember the following:

  • Working with the group is generally done in a specific app, such as the Gmail or Email apps, or in the Google Hangouts app. You might also find group commands on the Groups screen.

  • You can always access an individual contact’s information in the address book, app no matter to which groups they’ve been assigned.

  • It’s entirely possible to have a single contact in several groups.