How to Add a Print Service to Your Android Device - dummies

How to Add a Print Service to Your Android Device

By Dan Gookin

Another form of file transfer is printing: The output device is a printer, not storage on another computer. Your Android deftly handles the printer task. Just ensure two things:

  • A printer is available to the same wireless network that the Android uses. It doesn’t need to be a wireless printer — just available to the network.
  • The proper print service software is installed.

Before you can print, however, your Android must have a print service installed. It probably does, but follow these steps to confirm:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Choose Connected Devices and then choose Printing.
    For older versions of the Android operating system, choose the Printing item located on the main Settings app screen. On some Samsung devices, choose Connections, More, Printing. You see a list of print services. You’re looking for a service that matches the printer models on the Wi-Fi network — for example, the HP Print Service Plugin, which lets you print to any networked HP printer.
  3. If a print service is listed as Off, choose it and switch its master control to the On position.
    You’re done. Otherwise, if you don’t see a print service for the network printer, continue with Step 4.
  4. Choose Add Service or Download Plug-In.
    The Play Store app opens, listing available printing services.
  5. Select and install a print service. For example, if you use Canon printers, choose and install the Canon Print service. You do not need to open the service after it’s installed.

After the service is installed, or if you confirm that the service is available, you can print from your Android.