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How to Synchronize Your iPhone with Your Computer

Synchronizing your iPhone with your computer is a lot like syncing an iPod with your computer. If you’re an iPod user, the process will be a piece of cake. But it’s not too difficult even for those who’ve never used an iPod.

1Start by connecting your iPhone to your computer with the USB cable that came with your iPhone.

When you connect your iPhone to your computer, iTunes should launch automatically. If it doesn’t, chances are you plugged the cable into a USB port on your keyboard, monitor, or hub. Try plugging it into one of the USB ports on your computer instead.

2Select your iPhone in the iTunes source list.

You see the Set Up Your iPhone pane, as shown here.

3Name your iPhone.

This figure shows the name Lisa’s iPhone.

4Decide whether you want iTunes to automatically synchronize your iPhone and your contacts, calendars, e-mail accounts, and bookmarks.

If that’s what you want, click the check box next to Automatically Sync Contact, Calendars, Email Accounts, and Bookmarks to make a check mark appear. Then click the Done button.

If you want to synchronize manually, make sure the check box is unchecked and click Done.

After you click the Done button, the Summary pane should appear. If it doesn’t, make sure your iPhone is still selected in the source list and click the Summary tab near the top of the window, as shown here.

5If you want iTunes to sync your iPhone automatically whenever you connect it to your computer, select the Automatically Sync When This iPhone Is Connected check box (in the Options area).

Don’t select it if you want to sync manually by clicking the Sync button at the bottom of the window.

6If you want to sync only items that are selected in your iTunes library, select the Only Sync Checked Songs and Videos check box.

This limits the items that are synced.

7If you want to turn off automatic syncing in the Music and Video panes, check the Manually Manage Music and Videos check box.

And, of course, if you decide to uncheck the Automatically Sync When This iPhone Is Connected check box, you can always synchronize manually by clicking the Sync button in the bottom-right corner of the window.

By the way, if you’ve changed any sync settings since the last time you synchronized, the Sync button will instead say Apply.