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Manually Checking for a Windows Update on Your Laptop

By Dan Gookin

Windows updates happen frequently — almost every Tuesday. If you’re about to leave and want to ensure that your laptop has the latest update, and its installation schedule won’t interfere with your schedule, do a manual update check. Follow these steps:

  1. Save your stuff and close all programs.

    If an update is looming, you’ll need to save anyway, so you might as well get that step out of the way.

  2. Open the Settings app.

    Press Win+I in Windows 10.

  3. Choose Update & Security.

  4. If you see the text A Restart Has Been Scheduled, then click the Restart Now button to apply the update.

    The update is installed and your laptop restarts.

If an update isn’t pending, then you see the Check For Updates button (in Step 4). Click that button to pressure Microsoft into confessing whether an update is available or not. If one is, you can install it right away. Otherwise, you’re good to go.