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How to Restore Your Laptop’s Previous Version of Windows

By Dan Gookin

If you’ve completely had it with Windows 10, you can downgrade to your laptop’s previous version of Windows. Because Windows 10 is so new, you may encounter problems that will prompt you to do this.

To restore your laptop’s previous version of Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Plug in your laptop.

    If you forget this step, you’ll be reminded after Step 6.

  2. Save your stuff and close any open programs.

    The laptop must restart to complete the downgrade process.

  3. Press Win+I to start the Settings app.

  4. Choose Update & Security.

  5. On the left side of the window, choose Recovery.

  6. Beneath the heading Go Back to Windows X, click the Get Started button.

    What? You don’t see the Go Back to Windows X heading? Then your laptop started out with Windows 10 and you can’t remove it.

  7. Answer the questions about why you’re going back; choose an option.

    It’s stilly, but you must choose an option. If you don’t want to let Big Bad Microsoft know why you don’t like Windows 10, choose For Another Reason.

  8. Tap the Next button.

  9. Continue working the steps.

    Eventually, your laptop restarts and pops up with the older version of Windows.

Your data and programs aren’t changed by this operation, although some programs may require reinstallation or adjustments due to the downgrade.