How to Access Your User Account Info on a Windows 10 Laptop

By Dan Gookin

No one can use Windows 10 without signing in to an existing user account. You can’t even configure Windows without an account. So you probably already have a user account, possibly the only account on your laptop. To review that account’s information, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start button.

    Up pops the Start menu.

  2. Click your user account picture atop the Start menu.

  3. Choose Change Account Settings.

    The Settings app opens to the Accounts area. Your account information is shown on the screen.

    Account information in the Settings app.

    Account information in the Settings app.

Each of the items on the left side of the Accounts screen lets you change an aspect of your own account or add other accounts to the laptop.

  • Most basic account information is managed on the Internet by accessing your Microsoft online account. In the Settings app, choose the link Manage My Microsoft Account to visit the web page and make changes.

  • Changing your Microsoft account affects all your Microsoft products, which include other computers with that account, subscriptions to the Office 365 service, as well as email and other Microsofty things.