How to Preview Objects in Your Farming Simulator Mod - dummies

How to Preview Objects in Your Farming Simulator Mod

By Jason van Gumster, Christian Ammann

A Farming Simulator map is really a compilation of different 3D assets, including props, terrain, buildings, and so on. Suppose you’re not interested in working with a full map, and you only want to have a look at one of the objects that appears on the map. You don’t have to open the map in GIANTS Editor and hide everything except what you want to see.

You just need to follow the same basic steps for opening a map in GIANTS Editor. Find the I3D file for the object and open it from the editor. Check out this mailbox from the default Farming Simulator map loaded in GIANTS Editor.


When you first load an object in the editor, you may notice that the object may be really small in the 3D Viewport or out of view entirely. Fortunately, you can easily fix it with the following steps:

  1. If you can see the object in the 3D Viewport, you can select it by clicking on it.

    If it’s too small to select that way or if it’s not visible in the 3D Viewport at all, you can click on the object’s name in the Scenegraph panel and select it that way.

  2. With the object selected, you can frame the 3D Viewport on it using the F hotkey.

    Doing so brings the object into view. However more than likely, the view will be too close to see the entire object. Using the scroll wheel on your mouse, you can back away from the object in the 3D Viewport and make it more visible.

You may also notice that your object appears really dark. Most objects don’t emit light, so most object I3D files don’t include any light in the scene, which can make previewing an object difficult.

To see the object clearly, you may want to add a light using the Ctrl+L hotkey combination. You can also add a light from the Create menu (Create→Light).

If you’re viewing objects from the Farming Simulator data folder, do not save those object files, especially if you’ve made modifications like adding a light. Doing so affects how the object appears in the game.