Windows Keystroke Shortcuts for Your Laptop

By Nancy C. Muir

Part of Laptops For Seniors For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Use these Windows keystroke shortcuts to handle common activities in applications, such as cutting and pasting text, as well as actions in Windows such as displaying the Action Center, quickly and easily.

Key or Keystroke Combination Effect
Ctrl+X Cuts the selected text or object
Ctrl+C Copies the selected text or object
Ctrl+V Pastes copied or cut text or object
Ctrl+Z Undoes the previous action
Alt+Tab Switches between currently open apps
Windows Key Displays the Start menu
Win+S Opens Cortana
Win+C Opens Cortana in Listening mode
Win+I Display the Settings window
Win+L Display the lock screen
Win+A Display the Action Center
Win+E Display File Explorer
Win+Tab Display Task View