Play and Record in GarageBand with Keyboard Shortcuts

By Tony Bove

Part of iLife ’11 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

GarageBand, which comes with iLife ’11, gives you great flexibility for recording and playing back songs, dialog, or whatever you want to record. But with great flexibility comes options, options you can execute quickly in GarageBand with the following keyboard shortcuts. After you use them a few times, your hands might start zipping around the keyboard like a DJ at the turntables on a Friday night.

Key Function
Space bar Play from the playhead or stop the currently playing song
Right arrow Move playhead forward in small increments
Left arrow Move playhead backward in small increments
Option+Right arrow Move playhead forward in larger increments
Option+Left arrow Move playhead backward in larger increments
Home or Z Move playhead to the beginning
R Start or stop recording
C Turn the cycle region on or off
Command+U Turn the metronome on or off
Command+Shift+U Turn the count-in on or off
M Mute/un-mute the selected track
S Solo/un-solo the selected track (that is, hear an instrument