Snow Leopard Server Keyboard Tips for Windows Users - dummies

Snow Leopard Server Keyboard Tips for Windows Users

By John Rizzo

Part of Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server For Dummies Cheat Sheet

There are several keyboard and mouse actions that you use frequently in Snow Leopard Server’s administration tools. Mac users may be familiar with these techniques, but they may be new to Windows users:

  • Make multiple selections in a list:

    • Shift-click lets you select a range of items at once. Click an item to select it and then Shift-click another item; all the items in between will be selected.

    • Command-click lets you add items to those you selected, in any order.

  • To right-click, hold down Control while clicking. Or, use a mouse with two or more buttons. On a Mac notebook, click the trackpad with two fingers to right-click.

  • When you close the window in Server Preferences and System Preferences, the application quits. However, closing windows doesn’t quit the app for Server Admin, Workgroup Manager, and iCal Server Utility (and any application that can have more than one window open). Use Command-Q to quit these applications.

  • System Preferences is the equivalent of the Windows Control Panel. It holds settings (such as IP addresses) for the individual machine hosting the server. Server Preferences is for configuring and managing services and user accounts.