Key Snow Leopard Server Information to Save - dummies

Key Snow Leopard Server Information to Save

By John Rizzo

Part of Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Mac OS X Server Installation & Setup Worksheet that comes with Snow Leopard software has space for information regarding every possible configuration, but it’s really long. Here’s the core information that everyone should have written down somewhere, both before and after you install:

  • Hardware numbers of the server Mac: Serial number and MAC address (also called Ethernet ID).

  • Administrator account info: Your short username, your password, and the domain name that you use during installation.

  • Internet connection information: Router’s IP address, the IP range of your subnet, and the subnet mask; PPPoE account and password if your server is connecting directly (not through a router) to your Internet service provider.

  • Server’s static IP address: Record for each Ethernet port.

  • Server’s hostname: This is what you enter during installation.