10 Warnings about Windows Home Server - dummies

10 Warnings about Windows Home Server

By Woody Leonhard

Part of Windows Home Server For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Windows Home Server has great features and covers some very important bases such as back up and restore, folder sharing, and remote access. But Windows Home Server doesn’t try to cover all the bases, and you should be warned about the following:

  • If you forget the server’s password, you’re in deep dreck.

  • You can’t change your own password unless you know the server’s password.

  • You can’t let other people look at your shared folders unless you know the server’s password. Ditto, ditto, and ditto.

  • You can back up a PC over a wireless connection every night like clockwork, but you have to physically connect the computer to your network to restore data to that PC from a backup.

  • You can restore only to a hard drive that’s bigger than (or the same size) as the original.

  • Windows Home Server isn’t a Media Server. If you expect to stream videos or music stored on your server to your Xbox, you have to connect the Xbox to a separate, bona fide Media Server computer, which then talks to the server.

  • You can’t get at previous versions of files in shared folders if you’re running Windows Vista Home Basic or Premium.

  • Windows Home Server maxes out at ten user names.

  • You can hang a printer on your server, but usually it’s a pain. If Windows Home Server includes your printer driver, it’ll be easy, but if you need to install a driver, you’re in for a tussle.

  • You can’t use Remote Access to control a computer running Windows XP Home, Vista Home Basic, or Home Premium.