How to Create IP Address Groups to Use in Lion Server’s Firewall - dummies

How to Create IP Address Groups to Use in Lion Server’s Firewall

By John Rizzo

An address group in Lion Server can be a single IP address, such as for a device or server, and it can also be a range of addresses designated by an address and subnet mask. An address group can have multiple entries. Here are two forms you can use to represent an address group (IP address with a subnet mask):

  • Netmask notation:

  • CIDR notation:

To create an address group for use with your firewall, do the following:

  1. In Server Admin, click the triangle next to your server in the left column to expand the list of services and then select Firewall.

  2. Click the Settings icon and then click the Address Groups tab.

    The name of the address group is the text next to the triangle (such as 192.168-net). The addresses in a group appear below its name.


  3. Click the Add (+) button, located under the IP Address Groups field.

  4. In the new dialog, type a name for the address group and then click the Add (+) button to the right of the Addresses in Group field.

  5. Type an IP address or an IP address with a subnet mask in netmask or CIDR notation.

  6. Keep using the Add (+) button to add as many IP addresses as you want a rule to affect.

  7. Click the Delete (–) button to remove any IP addresses if you don’t want the rule to apply.

  8. Click OK in the dialog and then click the Save button.