How to Assign an SSL Certificate to a Lion Server Service - dummies

How to Assign an SSL Certificate to a Lion Server Service

By John Rizzo

In Lion Server, you won’t see check boxes for SSL in the configuration screens for user services. Instead, you enable SSL for a service simply by assigning an SSL certificate.

Follow these steps to specify a certificate for a service:

  1. In the Server app, select your server in the sidebar under Hardware.

  2. Click the Settings tab.

    The SSL Certificate item will have one of these descriptions next to it:

    • The name of the certificate selected for all running services

    • Not Configured, if none of the running services has a certificate

    • Custom, if different services use different certificates

  3. Click the Edit button next to SSL Certificate.

  4. Choose a certificate from the pop-up menu or select Custom to change the certificate for specific services.


    At least one certificate is listed: the self-signed certificate created by the server, named after the server.

    If you choose Custom, the dialog expands.

  5. If you chose Custom in Step 4, select a certificate (or none) for a service by clicking the double arrows next to the service to display a list of certificates to choose among.


  6. 6. Click the OK button when you’re finished selecting certificates.