Home Networking Categories on the Control Panel - dummies

Home Networking Categories on the Control Panel

By Lawrence C. Miller

Part of Home Networking Do-It-Yourself For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Control Panel is the aptly named nerve center for managing and controlling just about every important computer or network setting in Windows 7. With such a treasure trove of tools and utilities, it’s easy to get lost. Sure, you can click your way through all of the various Control Panel categories (and no doubt will become very familiar with them), but here are some of the Control Panel categories that are important to know when creating and maintaining your home network.

Category Tasks
Credential Manager Manage Windows-, generic-, and certificate-based
HomeGroup Choose homegroup and sharing options, view or print the
homegroup password, change the homegroup password, and leave the
Internet Options Change your home page, manage browser add-ons, delete browsing
history and cookies, change security and privacy settings, and turn
the pop-up blocker on or off.
Network and Sharing Center View network status and tasks, connect to a network, change
adapter settings, view network computers and devices, add a
wireless device to the network, and troubleshoot problems.
Parental Controls Set up parental controls.
User Accounts Change your account picture, add or remove user accounts,
change your Windows password, change your account type, manage
other accounts, and change User Account Control settings.
Windows CardSpace Manage information cards that you use to log on to online