BeagleBone and the Cloud9 IDE - dummies

BeagleBone and the Cloud9 IDE

By Rui Santos, Luis Miguel Costa Perestrelo

The Cloud9 integrated development environment (IDE) is an open-source web-based programming platform that supports several programming languages. This great piece of software comes installed on your BeagleBone by default. Its greatest advantage is that the code you write on your desktop computer is immediately passed to your BeagleBone through the SSH (Secure Shell).

Cloud9 also comes with some features that make every programmer’s life a little bit easier:

  • Code completion: After you start typing a command, if you hover your mouse over what you’ve typed, you see suggestions for autocompleting your command.

  • Functions: The code editor comes with search, a goto file, themes, and much more.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality: It’s easy to move folders and files within your workspace.

  • Programming: Cloud9 supports several programming languages, such as JavaScript, Python, HTML, Ruby, and C.

  • SSH and FTP: You can access your own server with SSH and connect to your FTP server to edit your projects.

  • Collaborative: Cloud9 enables you to work with other developers to edit the same code and chat in real time.

Visit the official Cloud9 IDE website to find out more about this software.