How to Add a Folder to Your Quick Access List in Windows 10 - dummies

How to Add a Folder to Your Quick Access List in Windows 10

By Nancy C. Muir

Quick Access offers a fast way to access frequently used folders. If you use your computer on a regular basis, you probably have information you use more than others. Quick Access lets you grab that information without sifting through all of the files on your computer. Just follow the steps below to add a fold to your Quick Access.

  1. Locate the folders that you want to place in Quick Access using File Explorer.

    If you aren’t able to located the folder, you can always type your query into the search bar at the bottom left-hand corner to find the item you are seeking.

  2. In the resulting File Explorer window, right-click a folder.
  3. In the resulting short-cut menu, click Pin to Quick Access.

    The selected folder appears in the Quick Access list.

    Quick Access list

  4. To see a list of folders in Quick Access, open File Explorer where you’ll see folders you have pinned to Quick Access as well as frequently used folders and recently used files.

    File Explorer opens with Quick Access selected.

  5. Click on an item to open it.

    Quick Access WIndows 10