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Back Pain Remedies For Dummies

Published 06-10-1999

Get back in control of your back pain

Back pain is such a common condition that many doctors andresearchers consider the complaint a normal part of life, similarto having an occasional cold or flu. If you are a back painsufferer, you are not alone:
* Back pain affects more than 80 percent of the population atsome time during their lifetime.
* Back pain is second only to the common cold as a reason forvisits to the doctor and it is second only to childbirth as areason for hospitalization.
* Approximately 50 percent of the working population reports backproblems every year.
* The total medical cost of back pain exceeds 20 billion dollarsa year in the United States.

Back Pain Remedies For Dummies takes a holistic approachto back pain prevention and treatment. Exploring the therapeuticoptions - from conventional medicine to popularalternative treatments - this patient-friendlyguide gives you a heads-up on how to relieve pain now and avoidfuture injuries, plus
* Boning up on your spinal column's pieces and parts
* Uncovering some conditions that cause back pain
* Examining the lineup of doctors who treat what ails yourback
* Taking your pain lying down - or not
* Giving weight to alternative therapies, including yoga,acupuncture, and imagery exercises
* Promoting the importance of good posture
* Returning to work and play with a healthy outlook
* Saying yes to sex after a back injury

As you try to manage your back pain problem and investigatevarious treatment approaches, you can help yourself by beingassured and hopeful that you can remedy your problem. This reliablereference gives you plenty to reason to believe that back pain doesget better, and successful treatment is possible. You can expect tofind the best treatment for your back problem when you have someunderstanding of who treats back pain, how he or she treats it, andwhy using a multidisciplinary approach isimportant - all of that awaits in Back PainRemedies For Dummies.

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