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How Efficient Are Your Customer Service Responses?

By Marina Martin

Do your customers’ inquiries get resolved within a few minutes of asking a question or submitting a request? If they are required to ask multiple questions, or have to be routed to different specialists in order to be able to adequately respond, this raises questions as to how efficient your customer service response process is.

Through what is called awareness building, you, as a customer service provider, need to survey customers in order to get a good idea as to how efficient your customer service responses are..

If you’ve already invested some time in improving the quality of service your company or department is providing, much of your effort still may be focused on other priorities and goals, such as generating revenue, cutting costs, and budgeting — with more attention going toward quantitative rather than qualitative aspects of the company.

This first phase of implementing your service strategy is designed to help you build awareness throughout your company (from top to bottom) of the overall importance that service plays in your company’s future. The main activities that are helpful to phase are conducting formal surveys of your customers.

Conducting formal surveys of your customers to assess overall satisfaction levels and determine the main customer-service issues. Benchmarking your starting point before you begin any service improvement program is essential. Various methods you can use to gather feedback include the following:

  • Telephone interviews

  • Online surveys

  • Face-to-face interviews

  • E-mail surveys

  • Complaint-analysis tools

  • Lost-account surveys

  • Focus groups

If you haven’t done your customer research, stop dead in your tracks; go no further. Don’t waste your time by moving on to other phases before you actually know what your customers and staff think.