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Get Human Resources Involved in Business Efficiency

By Marina Martin

Functional departments like human resources are often left out of efficiency-enhancing discussions and brainstorming in business, because they seem like a static resource as opposed to an internal team made up of human beings who can make errors or use inefficient processes. However, there’s usually as much room for improvement in human resources as there is in other areas of the organization.

One place HR can improve efficiency is by avoiding firing poor employees by not hiring them in the first place. No one likes to fire an employee, even if that person is truly lousy at what she does and makes everyone else in the office miserable.

Much has been written on ways to fire kindly, diplomatically, and/or without putting yourself at risk legally. What people discuss less is how to avoid hiring in the first place.

Almost as if they’re on auto-pilot, most human resources departments post new job offerings and begin the process of filling a position as soon as that position’s previous occupant departs. This is not efficient, as an employee’s departure is the ideal time to reevaluate that role from a number of perspectives.

Do you even need this role? Can you reduce this full-time role to part-time or switch to a contractor or outside vendor? Do you need someone with a slightly (or drastically) different skillset? What if the replacement had less experience (and a commensurately lower salary)?