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Product Management on the Organizational Chart

By Brian Lawley, Pamela Schure

Product management can report into various parts of the organization. In tech-heavy roles, it sometimes reports into engineering. In more consumer-oriented companies, it sometimes reports into marketing. More and more, companies recognize that a synthesis of what the customer wants and what the business can provide is best placed at the highest level of an organization. So VPs of product management now often report into the CEO or the executive manager for a division.

This figure shows an organization chart example.

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A typical organization chart.

If you’re part of an organization that doesn’t understand product management well, it may not be able to operate as effectively. This isn’t a theoretical difference. A study by Aegis Resources Inc. found that when a company empowers product managers, products get to market 50 percent faster. That’s a lot of profit left on the table.

You may need to start educating your co-workers as to the best way to take advantage of product management. There are resources available on the 280 Group website that help you in transforming how your company can best take advantage of product managers to grow their business.