Knowing Who You Need to Involve in Planning Your Project - dummies

Knowing Who You Need to Involve in Planning Your Project

By Nick Graham

Part of Project Management For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Knowing early on who you need to involve in managing your project allows you to include the right people in your initial objective setting. It also allows you to plan for their participation at the appropriate stages in your project. Involving these people in a timely manner ensures that their input will be available when it’s needed and lets them know you value and respect their contributions. Think about:

  • Budget holders: People who hold the purse strings and can dictate the form of the project, and those who may not have budgetary control but have the organisational position or personal influence to block things.

  • Providers: Those providing any staff resource that you need. For example, do you need IT staff input, which may be difficult if the IT department is mostly committed for the next two years!

  • Stakeholders: People who have an interest in your project’s results. You may need to resolve conflicting objectives.

  • Supporters: People who can help your project succeed.