How to Support Your Project Communications with Social Media - dummies

How to Support Your Project Communications with Social Media

By Stanley E. Portny

To ensure that social media provides your project team responsive communications support, consider the following questions when thinking about setting up your project’s presence on social media:

  • What types of problems will your team be addressing? Some problems may require active collaboration among team members, while others may involve one-way communication of existing data.

  • How sensitive is the content that would be shared? The platforms in use today have varying capabilities for ensuring that information is only shared with selected recipients. For instance Twitter can send secure tweets and keep messages from the public. However, there is a possibility that a message could inadvertently be sent to your public correspondents.

  • Is your communication unidirectional or bidirectional? All forms of social media discussed in this chapter can handle one-way communications effectively. Bi-directional communications are best handled with the use of wikis or by sites that can establish groups or communities.

  • Will your data gathering be active or passive? If you use passive data gathering, check to be sure the data routinely collected and maintained by the site is adequate to meet your needs.

  • What platforms do your team members use today? All things being equal, consider using platforms with which your team is familiar and which they use currently. People are more likely to make use of capabilities with which they have prior familiarity.

Be sure to include in your written project communications management plan how you plan to use social media to support your project’s planning and management. Maximize the benefits and minimize the pitfalls associated with using social media by ensuring your communications plan addresses the following issues:

  • The particular tools you and your team will use to communicate different types of information

  • The person or people in charge of ensuring that everyone involved with your project follows the procedures mandated for the use of social media