How to Negotiate when Planning Your Meeting or Event - dummies

How to Negotiate when Planning Your Meeting or Event

By Susan Friedmann

Part of Meeting and Event Planning For Dummies Cheat Sheet

One of the most important skills any meeting and event planner must have is the ability to negotiate. Few things are set in stone, so unless you’re planning an event around the Ten Commandments, you can negotiate price, perks, contract language. The basic rules of negotiating include the following:

  • Start with a plan. Know exactly what you want.

  • Do your homework. Understand the value of your business.

  • Be methodical and meticulous. Make careful notes of everything discussed and agreed upon.

  • Use bargaining power. Have another supplier in the wings to help influence negotiations.

  • Avoid vague and confusing language.

  • *Question preprinted contracts.

  • Read the fine print.

  • Insist on shared responsibility. Avoid any agreements that are one-sided.

  • Assume nothing. Ask questions, more questions, and still more questions.

  • Exercise silence. Be a champion listener.