How to Find Vendors for Business Meetings or Events - dummies

How to Find Vendors for Business Meetings or Events

By Susan Friedmann

Part of Meeting and Event Planning For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your success as a business meeting or event planner depends upon your ability to hire the right people to help you shine. No one can pull off even a small gathering without a host of helpers. How to find good aides is the question that the tips in this list help answer:

  • Keep an eye out for good vendors when you attend parties and business events.

  • Ask trusted friends and industry colleagues for recommendations.

  • Ask contacts at your meeting location for a list of approved vendors.

  • Contact a professional association affiliated with the industry in which you need to find a vendor.

  • Search the Internet, and keep in mind that you need to check references for the companies you find.

  • Scan trade/industry publications for potential resources.

  • Quiz the local Convention and Visitors Bureau in your destination city.

  • Consider using a Destination Management Company, which could save you time, money, and aggravation by assisting with part or all of your planning.