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The Basics of Working from Home for Medical Transcription

By Anne Martinez

The opportunity for medical transcriptionists to work from home is due to the wonders of computer technology; so are a lot of potential headaches. Getting a firm grip on what equipment you’ll need and features to look for will help you maximize the wonders and minimize the headaches.

The first thing a home-based medical transcriptionist (MT) needs is a suitable workspace. A room with a door you can close is ideal, but an organized corner will do. Pick a spot that has enough space for your computer, reference books, and a comfortable chair. The farther it is from the busiest areas of your home, the better.

Technically speaking, you’ll need the following:

  • An Internet connection

  • A desktop or laptop computer running Microsoft Windows

  • Transcription software, installed on your computer or on a remote server you connect to

  • A foot pedal for controlling dictation playback

  • Headphones

  • A plan for protecting your equipment and managing technical troubles that may arise

A large part of optimal MT workspace design comes down to how you set up the furnishings and computer equipment. Make sure you check out the ins and outs of selecting furniture and arranging your gear with health and comfort in mind.