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Take Time to Evaluate a Medical Transcription Job Offer

By Anne Martinez

Your goal when searching for a medical transcription job is to buy a little time to evaluate any offers you receive, and perhaps drum up additional offers to compare it to, but without imperiling the one currently on the table. It’s a common and reasonable practice, but it can be a little awkward to execute. Having a game plan in mind for this purpose helps.

Here are some tips to help you develop that game plan:

  • Express appreciation for having received the offer and that you have strong interest in the position.

  • Explain that you’re weighing several offers, emphasizing that you want to be certain you make the right choice for both yourself and your future employer.

  • Promise to get back with a decision within a specific time frame. A week is pretty standard; going longer than two weeks is probably pushing it.

If you already have another offer on hand or think one is imminent, bring the second employer (Employer B) into play as well. Let Employer B know that you’ve received an offer from another company and that you’ve got it on hold because you’re really interested in Employer B. Request a decision from Employer B within the specified time frame.