Medical Transcription Employment Tests - dummies

Medical Transcription Employment Tests

By Anne Martinez

Although it’s not unheard of to land a medical transcription (MT) job without first taking a pre-employment test, it’s very rare. The usual process goes something like this:

  1. You contact the recruiter and submit your résumé.

  2. The recruiter likes what she sees and gives you instructions for taking and submitting a pre-employment skills test.

  3. You take the test.

    The test often has two parts:

    • A medical language/transcription knowledge assessment

    • A hands-on portion in which you complete sample transcriptions

  4. If you do well on the test, the recruiter calls you, conducts a phone interview, and potentially offers you a job.

    The interview may be with the supervisor of the transcription account you’re being considered for rather than the initial recruiter.

It’s a good idea to do some advance scouting before submitting an online application. Some MT employers incorporate the test as part of the application submission process rather than in a separate step. In such cases, it starts the moment you hit the Submit button on your application. If you’re not expecting it, the surprise factor can throw you off your game.

MT pre-employment tests vary from company to company, but they all have a large psychological component. You’re being put on the spot — how will you perform? If you can push test anxiety out of the picture, you’ll find them a lot less stressful. Even if you can’t completely eliminate test stress, you can drastically reduce it by doing two things:

  • Understanding how the tests work and what they’re really testing

  • Getting some practice so you become familiar with the process