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Internet Service for Medical Transcription Work

By Anne Martinez

There are many ways you can bring Internet service to your home for medical transcription work. The most popular are cable, DSL, and satellite. Forget about dial-up — it’s just too slow to be accepted by MT employers anymore.

  • Cable: Cable Internet uses the same coaxial cable that delivers cable TV programming. It offers the fastest connection speed and is very reliable.

  • DSL: DSL is short for digital subscriber line. DSL service is delivered over standard telephone lines. It’s usually slower than cable but faster than satellite. Neighborhoods that have been outfitted with fiber-optic phone lines can obtain much higher speeds. ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) is a form of DSL.

  • Satellite: Satellite Internet is usually the slowest and most expensive type of connection. However, if you live in a remote location, it may be your only option. To use it, you’ll need a satellite dish installed on the exterior of your home.

High-speed wireless is starting to appear in some major metropolitan areas. Due to its limited availability and the tight restrictions wireless providers set on the amount of data you can transfer, it isn’t well suited for MT work yet.

Choosing an Internet connection type is a matter of weighing availability, price, speed, and reliability. When picking a plan, keep in mind what else will be going on in your home (and on your Internet connection) while you’re working. If you’ll be sharing the connection with others who will be streaming movies or playing games at the same time, you’ll need a higher-capacity connection.

Wired connections are significantly faster than Wi-Fi ones. It’s worth finding a discreet way to run a cable from your Internet modem to your computer. Network cables are just like phone cables, with a jack on each end; plug one end into the modem or router and the other into your computer’s networking (Ethernet) port.

If you’re sharing your Internet connection with other computers, some can be wired and others wireless if you have a router that allows it.