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Avoid Medical Transcriptionist Job Scams

By Anne Martinez

Part of Medical Transcription For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Unscrupulous individuals launch scams to prey on people who want to become medical transcriptionists. Two especially prevalent schemes to watch out for are the following:

  • Medical transcription employment scams: The scammer offers to give you on-the-job training. All you have to do is buy their transcription software and/or work for them for free until you become skilled, and then they’ll start paying you. The only problem is, nobody ever gets good enough to get paid. How they suck in victims: Through posting fake medical transcription “job openings” on job boards, luring unwary victims to contact them.

  • Medical transcription training scams: Either the school doesn’t exist at all, or it’s of such poor or limited quality that any certificate you obtain from it will be worthless. How they suck in victims: Through attractive websites, classified ads in print publications, or unsolicited e-mails offering to train you at home for “a lucrative career in medical transcription.”

Protect yourself from these con artists by always doing your homework. Don’t rely strictly on testimonials or references provided by the company you’re researching — they might be planted. Instead, check independent sources such as online medical transcription community websites. MTDaily and the Medical Transcription Networking Corner on Facebook are good places to start your research.