Fast-Tracking the Medical School Entry Course - dummies

Fast-Tracking the Medical School Entry Course

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An increasing number of graduates want to study medicine. You can opt to apply for the undergraduate medical courses or you can apply for accelerated ‘fast-track’ graduate-entry courses instead. Accelerated courses are typically a year shorter and are correspondingly more intensive.

Both application routes are challenging. Accelerated courses are highly competitive to get onto because the candidate pool is even more driven than school-leaver applicants. Applying for an undergraduate course might seem less competitive but medical schools will need a very good explanation for why an eligible graduate candidate isn’t applying for an accelerated course. You can have some reasonable explanations – for example, not all accelerated courses are open to those without a science-based first degree – but this can be a hard sell.

On balance, if you’re eligible for both options you might as well apply for the accelerated courses. This advice is especially sound if you’re keen to be doctoring (and earning!) as soon as possible.