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Personal branding is about making connections, and the logo you choose should connect with your audience. A logo creates awareness. It can be a symbol, text, a graphic, or a combination of these things. (Keep in mind that people recognize images more often than they remember text.)

It symbolizes your brand and provides an image that gives you a memorable identity. Many people associate logos only with company brands, but you can have a logo made just for you as an individual.

You want to keep your logo simple and clean. Here are some other tips for creating a great logo:

  • Shape or symbol: Symbols are powerful. Create your logo so that it’s easy to understand and see without glasses.

  • Color: Use the color(s) that you consistently employ to represent your personal brand. Use colors that attract the people you want to attract. Most logos use vibrant colors in order to have the greatest impact.

  • Size: When you place your logo into your materials, it should be large enough to see clearly and small enough that it doesn’t dominate. (Make sure that you have your logo in a file format that allows you to resize it for various projects.)

  • Brand connection: Think about how you want people to emotionally connect with you. Find a symbol that you care about and use it to connect with others.

If you love your logo and feel good about it, you’ll feel great about putting it on display, so take your time and design something wonderful. And don’t be a copycat; you want your logo to be unique.

If you struggle to create a logo yourself, spend the money to get professional help. A great logo pays dividends by attracting business, and (ideally) you want a logo that you can use for years. If you don’t know any designers, you can find one online at a design sites like Upwork, Deluxe Logo Design, or ZillionDesigns.

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