Converting Metric Units - dummies

By Claire Boyd

Part of Nursing Calculations & IV Therapy For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Before administering medications to your patients, you need to be absolutely confident in your mathematical and conversion abilities, because the amounts of drugs you’re giving to patients, especially neonates, are incredibly small. You must be certain of the differences between these weights and units and how to convert from one metric unit to another:

  • 1 kilogram: Equals 1,000 grams

  • 1 gram: Equals 1,000 milligrams

  • 1 milligram: Equals 1,000 micrograms

  • 1 microgram: Equals 1,000 nanograms

    To Change From To Do This
    kilograms grams multiply by 1,000
    grams milligrams multiply by 1,000
    milligrams micrograms multiply by 1,000
    micrograms nanograms multiply by 1,000
    nanograms micrograms divide by 1,000
    micrograms milligrams divide by 1,000
    milligrams grams divide by 1,000
    grams kilograms divide by 1,000