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What Is a Job Letter for Employment Prospecting?

Prospecting letters for a job are self-marketing letters that are sent to a small, select number of recipients, such as potential employers you’ve met at an event, or a member of a small professional organization whose name you obtained from the group’s directory.

Most broadcast letters and prospecting letters can be reshaped to use in either category — or adapted to become job ad reply letters.

Following are sample prospecting letters:

  • A culinary arts candidate (Cookin) offers another version of personality disclosure and background. The job seeker gambles that if she doesn’t target a specific job, an employer will sort through her attractively presented qualifications and discover the perfect position for her. This presentation, the equivalent of a resume’s qualifications summary, is an approach to consider when seeking virtually any good job in a specific industry or career field.

    [Credit: Linda Meehan, NRWA, PARW/CC — Sonoma, Calif.]
    Credit: Linda Meehan, NRWA, PARW/CC — Sonoma, Calif.

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  • A financial executive (Montgomery) writing to a recruiter immediately says he comes recommended, an opening that’s likely to cause his letter to be among the first read in the crush of daily mail. He quickly sounds the alarm that his search is under the radar by marking it confidential in capital letters and underlined boldface type, and then placing the statement where the eye can’t miss it.

    [Credit: Melanie Noonan — West Paterson, N.J.]
    Credit: Melanie Noonan — West Paterson, N.J.

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  • A letter from an executive/administrative assistant (Dempsey) immediately states that the job seeker’s objective is to make her boss’s job easier. She continues to explain why her strengths and abilities are right on the pulse of the position. The tone of her letter is perfect for a position as a right-hand assistant. Writing effective letters begins with thinking through what employers really want and writing them from the employer’s viewpoint.

    [Credit: Carol Nason, MA, CPRW — Groton, Mass.]
    Credit: Carol Nason, MA, CPRW — Groton, Mass.

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