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Use Your IT Help Desk Job as an Opportunity for Advancement

By Tyler Regas

If you are looking to advance, consider your IT help desk job as a perfect place to look for opportunity. A career in IT provides an amazingly diverse series of paths to advancement over many other entry‐level careers.

You can get very few jobs without any prior experience (aside from being a nerd, of course) that offers so many potential doors to open. The vast majority of entry‐level positions are mere stopgaps so that you can earn money while you are going to school.

Just think of any entry‐level job and try to imagine how far you can go:

  • Get a job as a waiter or on the kitchen staff in a restaurant or fast food joint, and you will earn little and have little opportunity for advancement. You could become a shift leader in a few months or years.

  • As an office worker, you can become a more advanced office worker, a receptionist, or even a team leader. After that you may manage more and more office workers and possibly become a VP of a section of office workers after years of dedication.

  • As a junior mechanic, you can learn how to be a better mechanic, work on nicer cars, maybe open your own shop, and work on more cars.

  • If you go into plumbing, you will be a plumber, and as you grow in your profession, you will still be a plumber. You may be an amazing plumber, but it’s still plaster, pipes, toilets, and whatnot.

The term entry‐level is misleading because it suggests that you can start at the bottom of the ladder and work your way up. Unfortunately, most service industry positions offer very little opportunity for diversity. If you want to get a better paying job that has real potential for growth, you’ll need to get a degree first. Try getting a job as a doctor, lawyer, scientist, or even an engineer without having spent four years in college and earning a degree in that field.

This is what makes Information Technology so special. All you need is a good grasp on how technology works and the ability to help others use it effectively to get an entry‐level position. You can even work in the IT industry while you are going to school to enhance your skills.