Use the CRM System Plaxo to Maintain a Contact List - dummies

Use the CRM System Plaxo to Maintain a Contact List

Many professionals use Plaxo to keep their contact records in order and monitor the online activities of the people they know. With the hundreds of online interactions you’re likely to engage in, keeping a record of all the e-mails exchanged between you and a particular contact is incredibly helpful. Plus, these days, you also need a way of staying current with all your contacts’ social media updates.

Plaxo was one of the first online contact management systems ever developed and is basically an online address book for professionals. Although you can connect with people on Plaxo and even see a stream of online activity from your network, it isn’t technically a social network but rather a venue for managing contact information.

Perhaps you’ve even received a notice from a colleague who uses Plaxo, asking you to verify or update your contact information on occasion, which wouldn’t be surprising because the site has more than 20 million users.

The low-cost monthly subscription for full features on Plaxo includes

  • Deduplication, in case you have the same contact recorded twice

  • Syncing between Outlook and Google accounts

  • Update-your-info reminders so your records are up-to-date

  • Birthday reminders (if you have that information) and e-cards

  • Backup services so, if you lose a computer, your contacts are safe