Use the CRM System Batchbook to Maintain a Contact List - dummies

Use the CRM System Batchbook to Maintain a Contact List

Batchbook, from Rhode Island–based BatchBlue Software, is a traditional sales-based Customer Relationship Management system. A CRM system is a software-based tool that stores interactions and organizes contacts.

Although LinkedIn is great for reaching out to new people and researching about companies, it doesn’t offer the robust contact management features you need for a long career. Although built for small businesses to manage their sales funnel, some features of Batchbook may appeal to the ladder-climbing professional.

This product was designed to optimize flexibility, so using it for professional networking is just as easy as setting it up for a small business.

Batchbook has a small monthly fee for features that allow you to do the following:

  • Track every e-mail you send to contacts (no matter what e-mail system you use) and then create follow-up tasks.

  • Set up future tasks to remind yourself to stay in touch with someone.

  • Keep track of where you meet people or what function they have in your network via flexible tagging (labels that you can assign).

  • Pull a contact’s social media information into a contact record.