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Tips for Writing Follow-Up Job Letters

An effective follow-up job letter may be the tiebreaker that gives you the win over other promising candidates after an interview. Your follow-up job letter creates goodwill that kick-starts your success when you join the company, even if the employer already planned to offer you the job.

The resume and the thank-you letter are book-ends for your interview: The resume is the “before” communicator of your high-value qualifications and the thank-you letter is the “after” chance to market yourself for the win.

The following are tips for presenting and delivering a letter that gets you noticed:

  • For an important job, a typed letter is impressive and memorable; send it by postal mail, or if time is short, via an overnight delivery service.

  • The letter can run two, even three pages, if it is flush with white space and easy to read.

  • Write a thank-you letter for the interview within 24 hours to strengthen the good impression you made in person.

  • When an employer leaves you twisting in the wind waiting for a hiring decision, try to think of new facts to add in a second or even third letter (send by postal mail, fax, courier, or e-mail).

  • After the third letter, switch to sending a note with a relevant news clipping or even an appropriate cartoon. The interviewer will know what’s going on, but at least you’re keeping your name where it can be seen; remember the truth of the adage, “Out of sight, out of mind.”