Tips for Getting a Job in Social Media - dummies

Tips for Getting a Job in Social Media

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

How can you use all of the tools out there to build your personal brand and position your social media career? Think critically about how you’ll position yourself, how you’ll measure your results, and how you’ll challenge yourself to continually improve.

Choose an angle

You have to monitor and refine your personal social media use.

You’ll get valuable experience using tools during your job search, which is useful down the line.

Above all else, choose whether you’ll be using the tools as yourself, as a company, or as a “personality.” It’s okay if you change your mind, but commit yourself to an angle that leverages your skills and personality.

  • Personal brand: You create and use platforms with your real name and information. A personal brand can include both personal and professional content that reveals who you are as a person and what you can do as a professional.

  • Social brand: Your social brand isn’t necessarily your actual name; a social brand is a bit more professional. You should consider injecting some personality into your content — people (in this case, the decision makers at your target companies) like to work with people.

  • Social media personality: You have a fun option for branding yourself. Invent a character to entertain and educate the public with your social media knowledge. For example social media consultant, Andrea Vahl, decided to create a slightly grumpy character,

Improve your content quality

Avoid talking about whatever you want without considering whether there’s a need in the marketplace. Focus on offering solutions to commonly asked questions and problems.

This approach works best if you do this daily on a one‐on‐one basis with influencers and people who you can help. As you create more content, you’ll inherently improve your overall effectiveness.

These sources can help you get to the next level:

As your content begins to improve, you might be invited to post it on other people’s platforms. In fact, you may be invited to be interviewed, to serve as a panelist for online discussion, or to create content on other platforms. Always try to say “Yes.” Every single connection matters.