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The Benefits and Perks of Coding Jobs

By Nikhil Abraham

The demand for coders is so high that companies, especially in the technology sector, provide numerous employee benefits and perks. For example, Google famously provides employees with gourmet meals, free massages, and on‐site daycare.

Although benefits and perks should not be the reason for joining a company, they help make daily life more comfortable. Here are some common perks:

  • Healthcare: Medical and dental coverage with a low deductible and low copay is standard at large companies and at startups that have received funding.

  • Parental leave: Large tech companies offer more than 15 weeks of paid leave for the birth of a child, more than any other industry. Depending on the company size, parental leave may be either paid or unpaid.

  • Flexible work and vacation policies: Companies of all sizes offer flexible start times, remote work, and generous vacation policies. Some smaller startups even have unlimited vacation time policies, allowing you to take as much leave as you like, although presumably your vacation may become permanent if you take too much time.

  • 401(k): Company‐sponsored retirement accounts are common among larger public companies but rarely seen at startups except for late‐stage large ones.

  • Catered meals: Large and small tech companies alike provide meals prepared by chefs in‐house or ordered from local vendors.

  • Transportation: Large companies have shuttle buses to make commuting easier, and some smaller companies provide transportation vouchers.

  • Continuing education: Companies want you to keep learning and will often subsidize expenses for classes to help you learn new technologies and for conferences so you can promote the company and meet other developers.

  • Equipment purchases: Except at the smallest startups, companies will provide you with a work laptop and often let you customize it to your specifications.

Many of these perks are non‐negotiable. The ability to work remotely, however, is one perk with flexibility. Because coding work can be done anywhere, you may be able to work remotely and appear in person one week a month or even less frequently.