Technical Social Media Jobs - dummies

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

Companies value targeted web traffic, analytics, and data, so there is never a shortage of technical jobs. Technical, or IT, social media jobs are typically the easiest to find because

  • The skills are specialized.

  • IT can measure the most important quantitative factors that social media provides, such as sales and impressions.

  • Social media sites often are listed very high in search engine results.

A social media IT role typically has the highest pay.

Companies are looking for people with these skills for social media IT roles:

  • Web developer

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist

  • Data and analytics professional

Web developer

The web developer typically is fluent in computer languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP. A web developer within the social media framework can also make simple WordPress Content Management System (CMS) websites or landing page websites without needing significant time or resources.

If you need to brush up on the basic computer languages, or you’re interested in learning about them, consider a resource such as


The web developer may work with the graphic designer, and he’s typically responsible for launching, measuring, and making the most of (optimizing) the websites geared toward specific social networks.

SEO specialist

An SEO specialist often blends the line between optimizing websites and social media. website optimization is typically how fast a website loads, but this term also refers to relevant keyword and phrases on the website. Ultimately, a website has to follow specific rules to be accessible to a search engine and improve the overall probability that the website appear in search engine results.

An SEO specialist has the tall order of ensuring that all web content from social media platforms has the proper backlinks (one website linking to another), website structure, and other base SEO principles.

The SEO specialist typically works with content producers and a strategist to ensure that results are being driven back to landing pages and websites. For more SEO knowledge, is a great resource.


Data and analytics professional

A data and analytics professional collects, synthesizes, and optimizes data harvested from social media. The data professional is responsible for translating the numbers — engagement, shares, likes, and other performance metrics — into quantifiable sales.

The essential tools for collecting social media analytics follow:

  • monitors social media conversations. Brandwatch is widely known as the most powerful social media monitoring and analytics tool and is used by huge brands and agencies all over the world.

  • helps you determine the intent of social media posts and focuses on delivering and optimizing targeted social ads. specializes in social media advertising.

  • pulls together social media content by keywords and phrases, and the company’s social media updates, and ties them into smarter social advertising solutions. Salesforce Marketing Cloud specializes in using traditional and social media solutions to create one‐on‐one relationships with customers.