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Sign Up for VisualCV to Help Your Job Search

A VisualCV (curriculum vitae, or résumé) is an Internet-based, multimedia résumé that gives prospective employers a three-dimensional picture of your career by allowing you to share video, images, links, and text. A VisualCV gives you the power to convey a huge amount of information in just a few seconds. VisualCV is free and takes less than half an hour to set up, assuming you’ve already spent some time setting up a LinkedIn profile.

(It’s also a great marketing tool for professionals who aren’t necessarily looking for a job and don’t have their own website.)


To get started, click on the orange button on the main page of VisualCV and then fill out your name and other details. VisualCV verifies your e-mail address by sending an e-mail to the address you provide. Click on the link in the e-mail you receive to activate your account.

The first page you see after activating your account asks about your career interests — the professions and industries that interest you. Next, you select a privacy setting. You can choose to share your résumé with only people you select or make your résumé available to anyone.

After you complete this basic signup, you actually have a bare-bones VisualCV that’s ready to be dolled up and customized. At this point, your work with LinkedIn becomes useful. Just copy and paste your LinkedIn profile information into the new VisualCV you’re setting up. You can customize the information later, but this strategy gives you a good foundation to start from.

To check out additional examples from a diverse number of professional fields, head to VisualCV and click on the View Example VisualCVs link on the right side of the page.