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Sending Job Prospecting Letters: Is Digital or Postal Better?

By Joyce Lain Kennedy

When it comes to job prospecting letters, is a digital delivery or a postal one better? Deciding which mailing medium is most likely to get results for your job prospecting letters is a toss-up. Here are a few important considerations:

  • E-mail is cheaper and quicker than postal mail. The medium is growing rapidly and producing similar results in many circumstances, particularly with recruiters.

  • Third-party recruiters like e-mail because they can punch a button and send your materials to clients with ease.

  • Conducting an e-mail campaign addressed to employers is risky even if you can find the decider’s personal e-mail address. Why? Your letter and resume may disappear into the spam version of the Bermuda Triangle. Unless a company has advertised an HR (human resources) address, you have no assurance that your campaign will get to the right people.

  • A persuasive mailing on quality paper is still the best way to forward an unsolicited letter and resume to top-level executives and other prominent deciders. Delivery is assured, your letter will arrive looking the same as when you sent it, and you signal that you are management quality.

When you’re facing an uphill search in a thin job market, a direct postal mail or e-mail campaign composed of prospecting letters riding herd on your resume can produce leads you may otherwise miss.