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Searching Online Job Boards

A job board is a Web site that posts general or specialized job listings. Employers pay job boards to post their open positions. Job seekers typically view these job postings for free. The number of job boards operating globally is as high as 50,000.

You can apply through a job board for specific positions, or you can post your resume in the board’s resume database. You can search for job listings by career field, occupation, job title, location, and job detail keywords. The emphasis is on local job markets because most people won’t move for a job unless they have little choice. Job boards often add user-friendly enhancements, including privacy-sensitive features and fast-forward matching of job situation and job seeker.

General and specialty job boards

You’ll find that job boards come in two basic flavors:

Job boards are established hunting grounds for vertical job search engines. You can, of course, skip the verticals if you prefer and go straight to a job board. Many people do.

Other job board resources

Several job board resources exist to help you in your online job search:

  • AIRS Job Board and Recruiting Technology Directory is the most comprehensive, searchable listing of job boards, published online by AIRS — a respected training and technology company that helps recruiters round up candidates. Revised annually, this directory is available free for downloading at The total number of job boards listed is in the thousands, and the directory runs about 100 pages.

    This valuable resource includes job sites for virtually every niche and is organized in a “yellow pages” style: employment hubs, industry, business function, government, financial services, healthcare, diversity, technical, college and alumni, and contractors.

  • The Guide to Internet Job Searching, 2008-2009 edition, by Margaret Riley Dikel and Frances E. Roehm (McGraw-Hill, 2008), is a terrific book that includes a listing of some 700 job boards and career information sites. The sites are divided by topic and job area. The book also includes basic information on how to search online.

  • is an excellent resource for locating specific job boards, using relevant search terms, such as “job board marketing Nashville” to find a job board in the Nashville, Tennessee, area that specializes in marketing jobs.

  • Job Central National Labor Exchange is in a class by itself — a nonprofit Web site owned by 200 major employers through their membership in Direct Employers Association. JobCentral’s search engine takes you directly to the careers page of member corporations that are advertising open jobs.

Go to to get the latest job board site rankings, which are published monthly.