How to Make a Counter Offer to a Job Offer - dummies

How to Make a Counter Offer to a Job Offer

By Joyce Lain Kennedy

Part of Job Search Letters For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Write a counter offer letter? Really? Well, suppose you’ve received a job offer, but it’s thinner than you expected. A counter offer (or counter proposal) might be the next appropriate move. Read the job offer and, if it disappoints, decide if you have the confidence to fight for what you want — in a businesslike way, of course.

When the offer is under market value, consider taking the uncommon step of writing back with a counter offer letter. Do some crash research on the company; amend the specifics of the offer letter; and set up an immediate appointment with the manager, merely saying you need to review several specifics.

Key message: Your counter offer letter affirms that you’re excited about the offer extended on [date] and look forward to accepting it. You plan to make a significant contribution to the profitability of the company. The terms of the offer are acceptable — with a few changes.

Describe your hoped-for changes item by item. Limit them to important considerations, typically compensation. Close by saying that if these several modifications can be made, you’ll substantially outperform the manager’s expectations and show a rich return on the manager’s faith in you.