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Reviewing Newspaper Ads During Your Job Search

The trend for job ads is to appear online; but don’t overlook the profusion of classified print ads in newspapers and in specialized publications during your job search. The Help Wanted section in newspapers and other publications can still yield valuable job leads. Job searching has become too complex and too challenging to ignore print media.

Conventional wisdom contends that print classified advertising is valuable mainly for hourly and lower-wage jobs. There’s nothing wrong with that, given the wide range of job seekers from high school students to retirees to those who want a second (or third!) job.

Newspapers are still a common method of looking for a job in many regions of the United States; and many job seekers are checking both newspaper ads and Internet job postings as part of their job search efforts.

Most help-wanted sections have found second homes online, so that you can search for jobs in the touch-and-feel comfort of the pages in your own familiar newspaper or on your favorite newspaper’s Web site. Moreover, employers who advertise with print ads often request that you send your resume online to them.

Search success is based not on where you find a job opening but on whether your responding resume sparks an interview, and what happens during that interview.