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Resumes: Google+ Rises as a New Job-Search Player

By Laura DeCarlo

Google+ may be the next place you should post your resume. Google+ is a professional up-and-comer among social media sites that has quickly outranked even LinkedIn for its number of users. It’s currently recognized as the second largest social network behind Facebook. While using Google+ for job search is just now starting to catch on, you don’t want to dismiss this powerhouse. It has gained popularity among a wide range of users, primarily because it is said to lack the noise of Facebook. You will find techies, bosses, stay-at-home moms, and entrepreneurs sharing this network.

Recruiters and employers use Google+ to find candidates. You can become visible to them by expanding your social networking to include Google+. With this platform, you will add people to specific groups or lists called Circles, which allows you to segment and share content with the right people. Your About Me page, your Circles, and your networking can all work together to connect you with decision makers and recruiters.

Google+ is all about business networking, so it creates a prime environment for putting the word out about your job search. Here’s how you can use Google+ as a professional:

  • Creating a professional profile. Your Google+ profile reigns supreme and should sell you to employers. Tell and sell your key competencies, employment history, accomplishments, and education.

  • Using Circles to organize contacts. Searching for a job using Google+ can be a breeze. You can choose categories — called Circles — for your contacts, allowing you to keep up with your connections. Be sure to add target employers and recruiters to your Circles.

  • Leveraging communities. Join Google+ Communities for interacting and networking with individuals who you can influence with your expertise (to be tapped for a job), where you can learn about job opportunities, and where you can network.

  • Sharing and influencing. As you add to your Circle and land followers, you can share influential information. Just like with the Communities, don’t overlook the value of sharing here.

Google+ deserves a segment of your online job search time as more and more employers and recruiters turn to it for a clean, uncluttered approach to finding job applicants.