Resume Basics: How to Protect Your Personal Information - dummies

Resume Basics: How to Protect Your Personal Information

By Laura DeCarlo

Part of Resumes For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Protecting personal information is always a good idea, but especially so with digital resumes. When it comes to resumes and the Internet, identity theft is a huge concern. Resumes zing around the world via the Internet and mobile devices, giving thieves and scammers more opportunity than ever to boost your personal information.

The No. 1 way to keep yourself safe? Don’t put your Social Security number on your resumes. Thieves can use your SSN as a free ticket to your bank and credit-card accounts. Resumes in job banks pose unnecessary threats to identity theft when the resumes include Social Security numbers.

Make sure also that you are privacy-sensitive if you decide to post your profile online. Leave out any information not related to your job search.

Finally, resume-blasting your information across the web is risky (and an ineffective way to find a job, to boot). If you decide to go wide and deep, use an anonymous and free e-mail address through a provider such as Yahoo!, AOL, or Gmail. Leave off your street address, and use a mobile phone number for pretty good security.